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[I hope] You must be very hungry, right?!?

Hungry for information and knowledge can be worried because I could be the omniscient. It tended to be prevented because this potentially frightening [though curiosity was fun to be fulfilled]. And if some question become a reason to stop, silent is better while keep thinking and trying to figure out the answer. Then I can tell it to anyone without being asked till the question is no longer dreaded.



Now I’ve made you fully loaded [hopefully], right?!?

Silent sources and tell me a lot I have found on the internet, which also keep me thinking continuously. The internet never even worry and fear that many users know much, maybe the users who are worried and afraid of each other. But don’t be worried and afraid of me, it’s just my fad to be webmaster because this is my shield to keep silent on the source, to reach the internet.



If too sleepy to back on your activity because your stomach is full, just lie down for a moment.

Before you fall asleep, please contact me and discuss it with me while you lying down. We don’t know, whether you will die in your sleep or you will wake up from your sleep?!? Just don’t mess your website project, you must hire me to work on your website project! I’ll help to deliver the best solution for your project if I don’t fall asleep too.


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