Roswell Films: Sound City Movies Blu-Ray

Type: Good Stuff Category: Official Product Condition: Brand New Price: Rp4.500.000,- Status: ALREADY SOLD Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl directs this documentary movies about Los Angeles’ Sound City Studios which specialised in analog recording. Following the closure of the … Continued

Our Vehicle of Love Live and Label

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Awalnya kami hanya berpikiran ingin memiliki sebuah mobil untuk dipakai bepergian bersama anak-anak kami setelah menikah nanti. Meskipun kami sangat senang bepergian naik sepeda motor, kami tidak ingin naik sepeda motor jika bepergian bersama anak-anak kami, apalagi jika ditambah dengan membawa … Continued

DJI Flame Wheel ARF KIT F550

Type: Good Stuff Category: Original Product Condition: Brand New Price: Rp4.250.000,- Status: ALREADY SOLD The DJI Flame Wheel ARF KIT F550 is a multi-rotor flying platform (drone) designed for amateur aerial photography, first person view applications, and general flying entertainment. When combined with the … Continued

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