Melukis Dinding, Mural, Wall Painting dan Wall Branding

Type: Good Service Category: Editing and Marketing Condition: Based on Contract Price: Negotiable Status: TO LAZY TO WORK AGAIN Seorang seniman [street artis tanpa komunitas] yang sudah sangat berpengalaman [kebetulan dia adalah teman dekatku] menyediakan jasa menggambar di tembok, melukis … Continued

My Sanctuary 2nd Place Farewell

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My Sanctuary first place is my SL Studio that I was build three years ago. Before that I don’t have any Sanctuary although I really need it. Last year, 2013 for something matter I move my Sanctuary to this place, they … Continued

Tronix Explorer Mini 230V/50Hz (EU/Schuko Socket Model)

Type: Good Stuff Category: Original Product Condition: Brand New Price: Rp3.747.474,- Status: ALREADY SOLD Lightest and most portable model among the Tronix Explorers, designed to work with most bi-voltage/digital flashes (also called as monolights/monoblocks/studio lighting kits). Tronix Explorer Mini is best … Continued

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