Place Called Home: Design dan Perencanaan Bangunan Rumah

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Ini catatanku tentang perencanaan pembangun sebuah rumah, yaitu a place called home design. Sebuah catatan yang sangat kasar, tidak rapih, tidak sistematis, bahkan susah dimengerti dan dipahami, mungkin hanya Tuhan dan keuanganku yang tahu tentang catatan ini. Kenapa seperti itu, … Continued

Create Our Own Park, Built Obstacle in Jombang (END) (20130915)

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I was here and I use my skateboard as my ticket to meet this boy. A lonely skateboarder in this city. Soon I make many friends here because of him. But many of them not skateboarders. He tell me that … Continued

Welcome to My Sanctuary (SL Studio)

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Welcome to My Sanctuary (SL Studio)!!! This is my sanctuary. I don’t know how many time I move from one place to another and build or setup my own sanctuary, but this is the first chamber or First Sanctuary that write here. … Continued

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