Googling Yuuk!!! Part 1.

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—Penggunaan Dasar— 1. Google tidak “case sensitive”. Keyword: linux = LINUX = LiNuX akan menghasilkan hal yang sama. 2. AND Secara Default Google menggunakan keyword and. Keyword: menjadi hacker, hasilnya pencarian akan mengandung kata “menjadi” dan “hacker” 3. OR Digunakan … Continued

Was Kurt Cobain Murdered?

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If you’re a Nirvana/Kurt fan, you’ve probably heard about the various murder theories that have been made public over the years. It’s even gotten some major press on TV shows, magazines, newspapers and talk radio. Books have even been published on it! If … Continued

Photo and Video Productions

Type: Good Service Category: Shooting and Editing Condition: Based on Contract Price: Negotiable Status: TOO LAZY TO DO THAT Once upon a time video only interested but become the continuity for me. A lazy person (and that is me), who likes to … Continued

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