Skateboarding for Happiness by ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.

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ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. is nick name for Commanditaire Vennootschap [CV] END Industries of Skateboarding, a company from INDONESIA that owned and operated by me. I founded ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. in 2004 to create and own anything, it can be just a name, brands or something else about Skateboarding to reach my Happiness.

The core products of most of ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.‘s brands is Skateboard parts, accessories and anything else about skateboarding that distribute and sell through locals SkateShop, BoardShop, Hobby Store or any Concept Store in your town. ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.‘s brands provide Skateboarders with the highest quality products, while supporting and representing our Skateboarding till death do us part.

So, for me ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. is just about Skateboarding and hopefully Skateboarding to be my way to have Fun, to Survive and to achieve Happiness in this NeverAvailable Life.

Below is several things about Skateboarding that was created and owned by ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.;


  • [00] END Industries (2004-2007/RIP)
    Just a pseudo-capital firms to capitalize Skateboarding company. Since don’t have enough capitals to starting a company is a common problem in INDONESIA, so I create END Industries to do what I desired and what I can using anything that I have with purpose to achieve what is needed [collect money for my own capitals to starting my own Skateboarding company]. I’m selling cigarettes to my friends, brokering between convection and local community even between convection and local clothing brand that newly established, I’m also brokering second hand Skateboard between Skateboarder around me. Everything is done just to collect money.
  • [01] ENDdustries Skateboards (2006-2016/RIP)
    Created in 2006 with vision just to produce high quality Skateboarding products with a great price. Starting with produce Skateboard Bags and ENDdustries Skateboards ended with only produce Skateboard Decks, Skateboard Trucks, Skateboard Grip Tape, Skateboard Tools and Skateboard Bags.
  • [02] ENDdustries.Com Website (2007-2018/RIP)
    ENDdustries.Com is a simple website of ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. that operated by myself in Surabaya. ENDdustries.Com should be contains various things about Skateboarding and could be a place for some Skateboarder needs to continue Skateboarding. Please talk with me to know more story that underlies the creation of ENDdustries.Com!!! ENDdustries.Com begin online in 1st April 2007.
  • [03] ESS Skateboards Supply (2007-2017/RIP)
    ESS Skateboards Supply formerly known as ENDcidential Skateboards Shop and Supply. It’s just an offline and online SkateShop in Indonesia since 2007. And in 2014, ESS Skateboards Supply becoming a Skateboard distributor for all Skateboarding brands. Please check the Skateboards inventory products here:
  • [04] Tas Kayu (2012-2013/RIP)
    Tas Jinjing dan Perhiasan Kayu. All hand crafted women accessories that was made from unused Skateboard but going misses the point and breaking it up.
  • [05] Dagger Grip Tape (2012-2014/Kicked Out)
    Dagger Grip Tape available soon!! Don’t trust anyone!
  • [06] grENDpark Skateboarding Obstacles (2014-2016/RIP)
    Just a fad of me in the beginning of 2014 to provide nice and cool Skateboarding obstacles like Rail, Box, Mini Ramp, Quater Pipe, Banks, Half Pipe, Fun Box, Pyramid, Pole Jam and anything else to practice your Skateboarding skills so ready to hit the street. I’m also provide Protective Gears like Knee Pad, Elbow Pad and Helmet under the same brand name.
  • [07] ENDhonesa Fashion (2015-2016/RIP)
    A fashion line from INDONESIA…
    Please follow ENDhonesa Fashion official Instagram for the products catalog, @ENDHONESA.
  • [08] END47 Skateboard Wheels (2014-2016/RIP)
    END47 provide the high END products of skateboards wheels, bearings and bearings spacer. All END47 products distributed by ESS Skateboards Supply.
  • [09] SHREDD Skateboard Trucks (2014-2016/RIP)
    All SHREDD products distributed by ESS Skateboards Supply.
  • [10] ROOTS Hardware (2014-2016/RIP)
    the “dirty bastard” brand of skateboard hardware.
  • [11] END… (2017 Capitalism Stopped)
    Stop!!! And no more create and own anything again. It’s Where I END And You Begin. And I’m sorry for us. I can watch but not take part. Where I END and where you start [Collin Charles Greenwood, Edward John O’brien, Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood, Philip James Selway and Thomas Edward Yorke]. Radiohead – Where I END And You Begin


To supporting and representing our Skateboarding, ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.’s brand gathered a band of Skateboarders as a team. Each of team members could be realize that they not just like this, not just can do and want to do this, but they have this and they need this. Because this is our Skateboarding. The team members of ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.’s brand are;


To distribute and sell Skateboarding products through local SkateShop, BoardShop, Hobby Store or any Concept Store in your town, ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. make cooperation with Skateboards distributor and Skateboards shop in Indonesia. Below is Authorized Distributor and Retailers for all products of ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.’s Brands;

ESS Skateboards Supply [ Distributor ].
Jl. Flores No. 10 Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60246 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-857-5568-3737
Email: ess [ at ]




Treant Skate and Store [ Retailer ].
Jl. Kyai Saleh Atas 72B Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50243 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-857-9966-2907
Email: treantskateshop [ at ]




Ambition Skate and Store [ Retailer ].
Jl. Marsma Iswahyudi No. 8 – 9, Balikpapan, Kal-Tim 76115 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-812-5329-0898
Email: ahlanrk [ at ]
Website: @ambitionsk8




Noon BoardShop [ Retailer ].
Jl. Gayungan PTT No. 62 Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60235 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-899-332-6939
Email: noonboardshop [ at ]
Website: Noon Boardshop




Bringback Project SkateShop [ Retailer ].
Jl. A. Yani, Kranggan Gang 1C No. 19 Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61212 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-822-3414-8895
Email: –
Website: Bringback Pro




Anank Rawk63 [ Retailer ].
Jl. Nalen UH 6 No. 191A, Yogyakarta, D.I. Yogyakarta 55162 – INDONESIA

Phone: –
Email: –
Website: @anankrawk63




D’Sruntul SkateShop [ Retailer ].
Green Park, TMII, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta 13560 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-881-275-1472
Email: contact [ at ]




MadHouse SkateStore [ Retailer ].
Jl. Gajah Mada No. 01, Pahoman, Bandar Lampung, Lampung 35141 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-821-4341-6482
Email: titikcerah.ri [ at ]
Website: @madhouse_skateboard




Rosten Fell [ Retailer ].
Jl. Pandugo No.11, Rungkut (VAG Cafe) Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60297 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-857-4949-6640
Email: –
Website: @rosten_fell




Steady Progress Shop [ Retailer ].
Jl. Pucang Anom Timur No.70 Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60282 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-813-3118-8563
Email: [at]
Website: @steadyprogress




Holy SkateShop [ Retailer ].
Jl. Raya Gubeng No. 2 Lt. 2 Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60281 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-856-4888-5116
Email: holy_skateshop [ at ]




Misty SkateShop [ Retailer ].
Jl. Raya Nyalaran 1 No. 10 Pamekasan, Jawa Timur 69384 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-878-5917-9171
Email: msty.skateshop [ at ]
Website: Msty Skateshop




Slackers Distro [ Retailer ].
Jl. Ring Road Utara KM 1.5, No. 08, Maguwoharjo, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta 55282 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-274-433-2222
Email: –
Website: Slackers Company




Envy Area [ Retailer ].
Jl. Raya Gubeng No 2 Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60281 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-838-5747-7779
Email: –
Website: @envy_coffeeshop




Zealot SkateShop [ Retailer ].
Jl. Taman Indah IV No.15 Taman, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61257 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-899-332-6939
Email: –
Website: Zealot Skateboards




Endemik Warung Skate [ Retailer ].
Jl. Reksobayan No.16 Ngupasan, Yogyakarta, D.I. Yogyakarta 55122 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-896-7083-0555
Email: –
Website: Endemik Warung Skate




Owlvetica SkateShop [ Retailer ].
Jl. Malangbong Raya No.15 Antapani, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40291 – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-838-2936-5143
Email: owlvetica.mail [at]




SL Online Store [ Retailer ].
it’s just an Outdoor Equipment Online Store – INDONESIA

Phone: +62-838-4965-8251
Email: gari [ at ]




If you want to be Authorized Dealers of ENDdustries Skateboarding Co.’s brands? Please visit ESS Skateboards Supply or contact the office of ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. Below is the details contact;

ENDdustries Skateboarding Co. Warehouse and Office
Jl. Nginden Kota 2 No. 27 Surabaya,
Jawa Timur 60284 – INDONESIA
Phone: +62-856-316-0756


#Skateboarding4Happiness but all kind of happines only real when shreded – Mamak Kurniawan (2016)

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