It’s Just a Documentary, an Adventure and an Equipment

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This my first post about this project [formally]. STRAIGHT LINE is the name of this project. A project with some of my friends using this keywords, straight line, garis lurus, sl, video, photo, documentary, dokumentasi, documentaries, documentation, dokumenter, adventure gear, petualangan, outdoor equipment, journey, walking, camping, hiking, trekking, backpacking, exploring, traveling, challenge, tantangan, foot traveler, around the world, surabaya, indonesia, and so on.

STRAIGHT LINE Abstract: doing what we LIKE, what we CAN and what we WANT using what we HAVE to reach what we NEED without HURT and HARM the others. That’s what we call STRAIGHT LINE. It’s jus a Documentary, an Adventure and an Equipment. Please read more about STRAIGHT LINE on the SL Website [if the web under construction, leave it and please back again].


About SL Documentary

SL Documentary is a documentary media about the essence of the SL Adventure activity which could only be prepared as Journal (posts that comes with some pictures or photos as illustrations), Photo Story (consist of some photos which composed to form a story) and Video+++ (documentary video). This SL Documentary used as SL media campaign also provide food for the brain with the hope of igniting people to thinking. SL Documentary published only on the SL Website by using some of free and open source facilities in the internet (all services provided by Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, email, Kaskus online forum and anything else on the internet). Please enjoy SL Documentary because this media was made for all the people without any exception but don’t hurt and harm the others.



This is our first Video+++ just showing SL Intro Logo. Everytime we finish our Adventure activity we produce our Video+++ and as soon as possible will be published on the SL Website. So don’t miss it or you can watch later while you finish your Adventure activity. Watch it or leave it [but please back again]!!!


Ps, if you need media such like that, you can contact and talk with our SL Production House team! SL Production House provide Video Production service, both Documentary and Fiction also provide Website Building service, both Design and Development. We pack all of our service in several packages designed specifically to meet with your needs, purpose and targets. SL Production House services is highly variable and can be chosen according to your needs. Feel free to contact and consult with SL Production House staff.


About SL Adventure

SL Adventure is an adventure activities by traveling which refers to a Straight Line (SL). SL Adventure aims to used as SL media campaign and find out the essence of an adventure, whatever the form of the adventure. This activity is carried out once in a SL Season, on condition not harm and hurt the others during the implementation.

Lets adventuring!!!
Please leave a trail!!!
Please take photos and video!!!
Please kill the time!!!

Do you want to try our adventure package that was organized to build a friendship? You can contact our SL Friendship Organizer that provide several adventure packages!



About SL Equipment

SL Equipment are some of stylish and innovative adventure equipment to meet the needs of the adventurers. SL Equipment is only produced once in a SL Season. Whatever, wherever, whenever, whoever and however the adventure happen, SL Equipment designed and manufactured to meet that needs. Let’s always using our stylish and innovative equipment in every adventure!



You can order equipment with custom design and manufacturing. We can personalize many of our products with your logo, business name or other graphic. Build your own identity by selecting from a variety of our quality, ready-to-go products. We can sew in your label, screen print or embroider your logo or image. Besides that, we also can help you design, develop and manufacture your product from start to finish. Our design and manufacture staff takes pride in being able to turn your ideas and concepts into attractive, functional products. You can benefit from our efficient local manufacturing and small minimum quantities – only 12 pieces! Please contact and consult with our SL Garment and Manufacturing staff!


For more information about STRAIGHT LINE products and services, please go here to contact me!



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