2008 Diawali Game of Skate Competition

Type: Good Service
Category: Skateboarding and Marketing
Condition: Based on Contract
Price: Rp10.000,-

First on the year 2008, ENDcidential Skateboards Shop & Zealot Skateboards held “2008 Diawali Game of Skate Competition”. The event is organized by Burger Inisiatif Organizer, the event organizer that exclusively for Skateboards.


The event is held on January 27 2008 at ITS Surabaya Skateboards Park (in front of ITS central tuck-shop). Registration starting from 08.00am & with Rp.10,000,- you all can scramble Skateboards Deck, Rp.500,000,- cash money & hot stuff from the sponsor!!!

So, what you waiting for?!? Starting practice your flip trick, skate more hard from now & get the prize just for you guys!!!

For any service from Burger Inisiatif Skateboards EO, please contact us,
this our phone number : +62 8563160756 (SMS) +62 3191302407 (hunting)
this our email address : ma2k@enddustries.com


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